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Ambassadøren besøger Uzupis Gymnasium

14.11.2017  14:15

I dag besøgte Ambassadør Dan E. Frederiksen Užupis Gymnasium i Vilnius som en del af åbningen af Nordplus projektet som omfatter elever fra skoler i Danmark, Letland, Litauen og Norge. Formålet med projektet er at gøre eleverne bekendte med kulturarven på tværs af de fire lande. I øjeblikket er elever fra Danmark, Letland og Norge på besøg i Litauen.

Ambassadøren holdt ligeledes en tale, hvor han ønskede eleverne held og lykke med deres kulturudvekslingsophold. Talen kan findes herunder:

Ambassador Frederiksen’s Opening Remarks at the Užupis High School as prepared


Good morning! It is so nice to see you in Lithuania. And I am happy to learn that many young people like you are still interested in cultural heritage of the Nordic region. People today are much more interested in new technologies and what they can share on Facebook, rather than preserving cultural heritage. So, I am so pleased to see you participating in this great project and huge thanks goes for this high school and its leadership for coordinating the programme.

Hans Christian Andersen once said that “the most wonderful fairy tale is life itself”. Studying cultural heritage means studying daily lives of the hardworking people who have written the story not only of their lives but also built up the foundation of ours. I am sure that you will find something to connect with during this trip and realize that some things remain common for people – does not matter in what times we are living. And do not forget that future generations will be studying us and the ways of our living as a cultural heritage. So, your fairy tale will make a contribution to the fairy tales of the many. I hope that future stories will reflect the story of our friendship as well. I think that our countries (Denmark, Norway, Latvia and Lithuania) are quite similar and there is no need of tearing down barriers. However, I would be curious to hear at the end of your tour what was actually surprising because there are always new things to learn even about your own country’s culture. And even though we have lots in common, I am sure that this trip will open new channels and facilitate mutual understanding between us.

I wish you great success on this excellent training.  Learn something and make a difference that people despite their differences would enjoy living together.

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