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Denmark takes over NATO Air Policing in the Baltics

09.01.2018  15:22

Denmark takes over NATO Baltic Air Policing from the US Air Force. During the official hand-over ceremony at the Lithuanian Air Force Base in Šiauliai Ambassador Dan E. Frederiksen underlined that Baltic Air Policing is an outstanding example of solidarity – also in peacetime – across the NATO Alliance, which makes all NATO allies safer. Vice Defence Minister Vytautas Umbrasas gave a speech in which he thanked the American troops for their effort and welcomed the Danish troops back in Lithuania. Afterwards, the Americans handed over the symbolic key to the Baltic airspace to the Danish troops. Denmark’s rotation will last four months and 2018 marks the sixth time Denmark mans NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission. Previously, Denmark has enforced airspace sovereignty over the Baltic States in 2004, 2009, 2011, 2013 from Šiauliai in Lithuania and in 2014 from Amari Air Base in Estonia.

It is a great honour for Denmark to contribute to the NATO enforcement of the Baltic States’ airspace sovereignty as Denmark and the Baltic States are not only friends and neighbours, but also close allies. As said by Denmark’s Defence Minister: “Denmark’s security starts here in the Baltic States.”

Simultaneously, with Denmark’s participation in NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission, Denmark is sending 200 soldiers to Estonia as part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence.

Photos by courtesy of Lithuanian Air Force.


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