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The new Danish Defence Attaché starts his work in the Baltic States

01.08.2018  09:08

As of August 1st, we are pleased to welcome Colonel Niels H. Johansen as the new Danish Defence Attaché to the Baltic States. Col. Johansen from the Danish Army succeeds Colonel Søren Frausig from the Danish Royal Air Force, who has served in this position for six years.

Col. Johansen has previously worked together with Baltic colleagues in various capacities. As staff officer in Defence Command Denmark, he supported the development of the NATO Membership Action Plans. During his time as chief of staff of the 1st Danish Brigade, he also trained together with Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian brigades. While in his last assignment in the Multinational Corps Northeast, as branch chief Fire Support, he gained knowledge about military capabilities in the Baltic States, NATO Forces Integration Units and enhanced Forward Presence Battle Groups.

With this new position, he will continue to support the Danish/ Baltic relations.

From the left: Colonel Niels H. Johansen, Colonel Søren Frausig and Vice Minister of National Defence Vytautas Umbrasas.

Photo credits: Giedrė Maksimovicz (Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence)

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