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Cooperation in international operations

Denmark and the Baltic States have long cooperated in international operations to secure stability, security and welfare in the Baltic Sea region and other parts of the world.

Already before the NATO-membership, the Baltics contributed to different operations which were often facilitated by Denmark in the Balkan-region and Kosovo to create peace and stability.

In the NATO led mission in Afghanistan, Baltic and especially Lithuanian troops worked closely together. A Lithuanian Tactical Air Control Party supported Danish companies during operations, where support from the air was necessary. Furthermore, Danish soldiers taught Lithuanian forces to patrol, in order for a Lithuanian reconstruction team to be able to rebuild schools and infrastructure.

Both Denmark and the Baltics participated in the American led multinational coalition (often called the ‘Coalition of the Willing’) during the war in Iraq in 2003. About 5500 Danish soldiers were deployed in Iraq in the period from 2003 to 2007 - the majority of these troops being part of the battalion DANCON where a platoon of about 50 Lithuanian soldiers was also included.

In addition, Denmark and the Baltic States have been cooperating in EU’s training mission in Mali, where a Nordic-Baltic unit trains Malian soldiers in Kuorlikor and Bamak.

Last updated 13-06-2016