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New agreements on security politics between Denmark and the Baltic countries

In February 2015 – well over 10 years after the Baltic countries joined NATO – Denmark signed new memoranda of understanding with each of the Baltic countries concerning development and cooperation in the field of defence and security politics. The first bilateral agreements were made in 1994 and they focused on Baltic capacity building, readjustment and modernization of the countries’ armed forces.

The development that Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have since gone through during this time period in regards to military and defence and security politics has made them important and loyal NATO allies. New cooperation agreements between Denmark and the Baltic States are composed in close dialogue with the respective Ministries of Defence, which illustrates the character of their cooperation in the field of defence, where there has been a very positive shifting from cooperation on an advisory level to a more close relationship between equal partners. Likewise cooperation agreements between voluntary based defence organizations have been developed, where Danish and Baltic Home Guards agree on detailed activity programs yearly. 

The existing cooperation with and between the Baltic States happens within the framework of the so-called Danish Division, where a brigade from each of the Baltic countries is affiliated. There are also a number of other initiatives within NATO, the UN and other regional partners where the countries cooperate – for instance the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, Joint Expeditionary Force and Multinational Corps North-East.

The newly established NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) in Lithuania is led by a Danish colonel and Danish staff is working in the other two countries’ NFIUs as well. 

Denmark supports the Baltic Defence College in Tartu, Estonia, economically and thereby contributes to the education of officers from allied countries. Furthermore, a Danish instructor is employed there.

Together with Denmark, the Baltic States continually take part in bilateral and multilateral exercises with the aim of improving interoperability between the countries’ defence forces and special operation forces. Examples of exercises are: SABER STRIKE and FLAMING SWORD. Every year, the cooperative aims and objectives of the exercises are re-evaluated, discussed and implemented.

Last updated 13-06-2016