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Trade relations

When Lithuania regained its independence Denmark initiated significant trade cooperation with the country. The trade, which had been increasing from year to year, fell sharply during the crisis. In 2007 Denmark’s export to and import from Lithuania were respectively 440m euro and 338m euro, but after the crisis in 2009 the levels of export and import decreased to respectively 362m euro and 223m euro. Things are again moving in the right direction with exports / imports in 2014 reaching 349m euro and 483m euro respectively.

A large number of Danish companies have established subsidiaries in Lithuania, some of which to outsource the labour-intensive part of the production. About 200 companies in Lithuania have Danish capital, including approximately 135 subsidiaries. In 2005 Denmark was the largest direct investor in Lithuania, but has since moved somewhat down the list.

A large proportion of exports from Denmark consists of deliveries to Danish subsidiaries. The main export areas are machinery and machinery equipment for industry, food, minerals, vehicles and apparatus for telecommunications, sound recording and sound reproduction. Additionally, textile yarn, fabrics and other textile products take up a substantial share of exports.

The Danish import from Lithuania is similarly to a large extent made up of products from companies whose production is outsourced to Lithuanian companies. The largest categories in the Lithuanian exports to Denmark are clothing, furniture and wood products. Other major import groups are articles of iron and steel and other goods used by construction companies, durable consumer goods and various commodities.

The majority of Danish investments are made in the manufacturing sector, but financial companies are also active, for example Danske Bank. In addition to a number of quite large single investments many Danish SME’s are also actively engaged in investment activities. This is particularly in sectors such as textile and wood and metal processing. Among major Danish companies with investments in Lithuania are DFDS, DSV, Carlsberg and Royal Unibrew (who own respectively Svyturys – Utenos alus and Kalnapilis-Tauras Group), Espersen (fish), Danfoss, Grundfos, Rockwool and Cowi.

The Embassy acts as a sparring partner and adviser for Danish companies that are considering establishing export or production in Lithuania, or otherwise find cooperation partners in Lithuania. The majority of this work since 1991 has been to assist Danish companies to establish production or find subcontractors in Lithuania, in order to strengthen Danish companies' global competitiveness.

Last updated 13-06-2016