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Green Tables Conference May 6

03.05.2021  08:40

Online conference “The Green Tables” on Thursday 6 May 2021 at 12.30-17.00 EET

When you enjoy a tasty and well-arranged meal at a nice restaurant with clean white tablecloths - is it then also a “green table” you are sitting at? Are you aware of the full cost of the treat? And what happens to the leftovers? The ingredients – how were they produced?  

More and more customers and consumers are interested in knowing more than the price and the service. They want to know the full package – from farm to fork. The values associated with the restaurant visit are also important.
The Green Tables conference addresses circular food production economy, food waste reduction and sustainability and the question – where is Lithuania in this debate?
The conference offers a possiblity for Nordic and Baltic decision makers, farmers, distributors, journalists, influencers, chefs and activists to come together, share knowledge and look for solutions that can hopefully create even better conditions for a stronger circular food production economy and more sustainable – as well as delicious – food on the table.
Hopefully, The Green Tables will also inspire even closer cooperation between Baltic and Nordic partners within the sector.  

If you are willing to participate and help co-create solutions of a post-pandemic world, you are kindly invited to register for the conference here.