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Kingdom of Denmark: Country Facts

Area 43,098 square kilometres

Population  5 707 251 inhabitants (2016)

Population density 130.73 per square kilometer

Form of Government Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy

Current government The Liberal Party

Head of Government Lars Løkke Rasmussen, the Liberal Party (since 27th of June 2015)

Head of State Queen Margrethe II (since 14th of January 1972)

Capital Copenhagen (København), 569,557 in the city and 1,246,611 in the metropolitan area

Other major cities Aarhus (259,754), Odense (172,512), and Aalborg (109,092)

GDP 264 078.4 million USD (2015)

GDP per capita 46 476.3 USD (2015)

Currency Danish kroner (DKK) (1 EU = 7.45 DKK)

Religion 80 % belong to the National Lutheran Church

Language Danish is the official language of Denmark. English is widely spoken

Average life expectancy Men 77.3 years, women 81.6 years

Geographic region Scandinavia, Europe

Climate Temperate

National flag Dannebrog is the national flag of Denmark. It consists of a red background with a white cross that extends to edges of the flag.


Membership EU, UN, NATO, COE, OSCE, IMF, WTO, Schengen and others

Ethnic distribution Danes 88.9 %. Immigrants and their descendants constitute 11.1 %

Latest update: 22th of March 2016




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