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An international meeting of young art

24.05.2013  11:02

“Bite Vilnius” - an international meeting of young art.

Šv. Jono gatvės galerija
Šv. Jono g. 11, LT2001
Tel.: +370 5 2124154

On June 5.-8. the Sv. Jono Street gallery will be occupied by a group of young artists and art academy students from Scandinavian and Baltic countries. The aim of the Project is collaborative creation and live art. The project gives the young artists an opportunity to create and present their works to the public both in the traditional gallery space (installations, video, texts, workshops). The project’s mission is to open up the public’s view to the material and immaterial art at the gallery and in the cityspace. During BiteVilnius there will be arrangements where everyone is welcome.

June 5. (Wednesday) at 17:00 will be the inauguration of the exhibition. The artists will work during the first 2 days of the Project, and will construct their works in the gothic basement of the gallery. The presentation of these works will take place during the event. The same evening the participants of the project will show their video and animation works created throughout the last couple of years.

June 7. (Friday) at 16:00 will be the evening of live art and performances. It is a free arrangement where the artists will create, improvise and read their works to the public. All are welcome to participate in the creative process.

The project is organised at the initiative of the students, and unites the creative energy from five art academies from Scandinavian and Baltic countries: Vilnius Art Academy (LT), Estonian Art Academy (EST), Finnish Art Academy (FIN), Tromso Contemperary Art Academy (NO) and Jutland Art Academy (DK).

The participants of the project are:
Sten Saarits (EST), PilleRiin Jaik (EST), Maarit Mustonen (FIN), Søren Krag Nielsen (DK), Johanne Lykke Poulsen (DK), Julie Stavad Nielsen (DK), Emilia Rosenkrantz (DK), Anna Cecilia Leitao (DK), Tue Brisson Mosich (DK), Marija Griniuk (LT/DK), Kostas Navasaitis (LT), Giedre Apyvalaitė (LT), Vanda Padimanskaitė (LT), Tatjana Symon(LT), Indre Mickaite(LT), Migle Grigutyte(LT).

The exhibition is open until June 8. 2013.

For more information on the BiteVilnius exhibition please visit the official homepage

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