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Agriculture and Food

Denmark has for a long time been a significant trading partner for the Baltic countries.

There are good opportunities of exporting a range of food products from Denmark to the Baltic region. Currently, the best opportunities lies within niche markets such as different kinds of organic, diet, ready-to-eat products and unique products, but there is also a demand for vegetables and fruits as well as meat and fish products, both fresh and frozen.

With food safety be-coming an ever more important factor in exports of food, Danish products have a competitive advantage as they are very well-appreciated in the Baltic States and have a good reputation for their high level of quality and safety.

For Danish companies, the export challenge in the Baltics remains being able to produce innovative quality products with high levels of food safety and value added, as well as providing production equipment with a high level of productivity and low energy consumption.

There are also good opportunities for producing in the Baltic States. Low salary levels and favorable tax systems as well as the geographic proximity are among the biggest advantages.

For Danish companies looking to enter into partnerships or establish a company in the Baltic States, the Danish Embassies in Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn will be pleased to provide assistance.