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Establishing a company

There are many ways to establish a company in Lithuania. The most common ways of starting a business is setting up a private limited liability company, a branch office, a representative office, or by operating as a foreign company. Private limited liability companies are the most common company type and it has a minimum share capital of LTL 10,000 (approx. DKK 21,600).

In order to establish a company in Lithuania certain documents must be provided, translated into Lithuanian and legalized. Prior to this the company name, head of the subsidiary and registration address must be in place and the amount of share capital decided upon. Standard company registration terms take 1-2 weeks however, when establishing a foreign capital company the process can take longer.

Our commercial advisors in Lithuania can under a power of attorney carry out the registration process for Danish companies, which include translation of relevant documents, communication with e.g. Company Register Office, banks and other important institutions in Lithuania.

Furthermore, the Embassy’s address can be used as registration address until local offices/premises are found.