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Residence and work permits

According to regulation (EC) No. 380/2008 of 18 April 2008 residence cards issued after May 20th. 2012, shall contain an electronic chip with photo, fingerprints and signature recorded digitally. In this way the security against forgery and misuse of residence cards is strengthened considerably.

The decision to introduce fingerprints in residence cards, has been made at a central level in the EU as part of the combat against terrorism, human trade, human trafficking, illegal immigration and other transnational crime. 

In order to issue biometric residence cards, installation of special equipment for taking photos and recording fingerprints and signature is necessary.

As a consequence, from 20th May 2012 it will only be possible to apply for a residence permit with biometrics in Latvia by personal appearance at the Embassy in Riga.  The Danish Embassy in Vilnius will from that date no longer receive applications for residence permits.

Please click here to find the nearest mission. 

For more information about application for residence permits at the Embassy in Riga click here